Meet - this baby Reijen. The growth is about 20 cm.

Completely by hand on the author's pattern Sshita. Densely packed with sawdust, weighted with glass granulate Fasteners on 5 cotter pins. Glass eyes (Germany). The work used German plush, cotton, Velhboa fur, ribbons, buttons. Clothes are all demountable. The pendant in the form of a stone is made of polymer clay. It stands with a support, it sits alone.

Recommended dry cleaning, careful attitude. Protect from direct sunlight.

Not intended for children's games.

Returned not subject.

After receiving the payment, I will ship the package within 1-2 days.

The cost of delivery by mail is included in the cost of a bear.

Attention please!!!
Choosing free mail delivery, consider that I can not affect the speed and quality of the provision of postal services
. The average delivery time for England and Europe is 2-4 weeks.
The average delivery time for the US, Australia - can last up to 60 days or more.

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тедди, розовый, тедди бульдог, коллекция

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